About us

Our history

It was in 2021 that I Know A Place was born, the brand of the company Crise-Up dedicated to the Quality of Life at Work.

For 20 years, Crise-Up has supported its clients in a multitude of crisis situations. We have set up psychological support systems for several tens of thousands of employees, we have carried out hundreds of counseling and assistance missions for psychosocial risks, and, each year, trained more than a thousand people on the very large spectrum of risk prevention.

Since our creation, our conviction has been that the human being is the first capital of your organization but that it is also the most fragile in the face of destabilizing situations. Today, we want to write a new page, take advantage of all our expertise and be at your side to highlight the Human Capital of your company.

By creating I Know A Place, we want to support you in the long term in a Quality of Life at Work approach and make your structure a place of reference.


David Gentilhomme

Job title: Director
Expertise: Driving innovative ideas

Soft skills: Open, attentive, lucid

Julie Guittard

Job title: Deputy Director
Expertise: Reveals your QVT solutions

Soft skills: Precise, efficient and reliable

Anne-Véronique Herter

Job title: Prevention Director
Expertise: Unifying your change projects

Soft skills: Persevering, reassuring and empathetic

Diane Mignonneaud

Job title: Marketing and Communication Expert
Expertise: Illustrator of your ideas

Soft skills: Proactive, efficient and rigorous