Our 5-step methodology to guarantee the improvement of the QLW of your company

I Know A Place helps you to create and strengthen the ambition of your projects.
We know how long this process could be, that’s why we are ready to support you in this virtuous project, thanks to our tools, our knowledge and our skills.

So, we will reveal to you our 5-step methodology :


Let's trust in the collective intelligence

We wish to involve all our employees in order to build, thanks to their ideas, knowledge and skills, an engaging solution for all.


Let us free our imagination

To limit the fields of possibility, to set barriers, to restrict ourselves… is to take the risk of reproducing what we are already doing. We must go beyond the obvious, go beyond the frameworks to seek value where we do not imagine it.


Let's plan, achieve and set a course

To achieve an objective, it is important to go step by step while remaining agile and attentive, to be able to race through the obstacles.


Let's measure our results and value them

The key to engaging your employees is to communicate your actions after analyzing them.


Let's repeat this success

And become a company, a place of success for values and for its Quality of Life at Work approach.
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