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New issues are emerging every day. To meet the needs of your employees, we work with you to develop a long-term QVT strategy and support your teams in its deployment.
Accordion Content

Our kits include a practical and methodological sheet and a short complementary video on specific themes according to your needs.

These kits represent an efficient, practical and agile tool that will allow you to respond to specific needs that may arise within your organization.

These kits can be used as a complement to the training courses and can be customized according to your needs.

Objectives of the managerial kits (sheets and videos) :

  • To have reference points to reflect on the managerial posture (I do / I don’t)
  • Enrich managerial practices in conjunction with the face-to-face training and master classes offered by I Know A Place
  • To have elements to go further in the reflection

Content :

  • Short videos by our experts
  • Short and effective practical and methodological sheets
  • Examples of themes:
    • Listening to your employees
    • Staying positive
    • Valuing the role of each person
    • Communicating frankly and transparently
    • Reviewing objectives to gain motivation
    • Maintain vigilance
    • Recreate a collective
    • Maintain social ties…

To learn more, discover the video presentation.

Our experts design a charter on a specific theme according to your needs. This charter can be intended for all the employees of a structure according to a precise subject, or specifically for the managers, a specific service…

The guidelines of the charter will first be determined with the Human Resources Department. We will then propose a first draft of the charter. Then, we suggest setting up a working group with some employees to adapt the charter in their words and obtain their engagement.

Objectives :

  • To establish common rules for all the employees
  • Guide and help employees to evolve in a pleasant environment
  • To get a document that serves as a reference and internal communication tool accessible to all employees
  • Well communicated on charter to obtain employee’s engagement

Some examples of charters that we can propose to you :

Managerial charter

The charter helps new managers to understand their role and values. It allows them to agree on a common language and practices in their daily missions.

Charter for working well together

The charter for working well together will make it possible to determine the rules that promote a good and safe working environment. This charter will be intended for all employees or for a specific department. It will be co-constructed with your employees and will allow them to adhere to various areas (respect, politeness, communication, adaptability, trust…).

Charter of good telework practices

The telework best practices charter will allow your employees to appreciate telework thanks to tools and organization to be implemented (communication, data and information sharing, disconnection, meetings…).

Be free to contact us to elaborate together the charter you need.

How are your employees ? In which state of mind are they ? What are their expectations ?
Do you want to co-construct the future organization with them? Do you want to activate all the HR and management levers necessary to obtain the engagement of your employees?

To help you, we propose to survey your employees with a short and efficient questionnaire, allowing you to obtain a precise vision of the situation, to know your strengths and weaknesses.

Objectives :

  • To have a precise and accurate vision of the situation, of the state of mind and of the expectations of your employees
  • Capitalize on your strengths : find the right levers to activate, the right devices to put in place
  • Determine an engaging action plan : establish a short and long term strategy to meet expectations

Modalities :

  • First meeting to understand your expectations
  • Sharing of questions (for possible modifications and contributions related to the context)
  • Sending the link to your employees to access the questionnaire (guarantee of confidentiality and anonymity)
  • Short response time to be preferred (no personal data will be identified, stored or used)
  • Consolidation and sending of the results with complete analysis (48 hours delay)

Deliverables :

  • A first level of analysis : Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the results easily exploitable
  • A highlighting of alerts and points of vigilance detected by a cross analysis of the results
  • Recommendations and operational proposals based on the expectations of your employees for the management of risks and to provide answers to HR
  • An engaging and motivating action plan co-constructed with your employees, meeting their expectations

Among the recommendations made, this system can lead to training, master classes, the establishment of a charter … The ambition of I Know A Place is to accompany you in a sustainable approach.

Contact us now to set up a questionnaire for your employees.

At I Know A Place, we want to accompany you according to your needs and help you achieve your goals. Aware that each company is different, we propose to start with an analysis to understand your expectations and propose solutions adapted to your objectives.

We will study together what are your strengths, your weaknesses, your areas of improvement to then set up a personalized action plan. The objective here is to reveal the full potential of your company and develop new methods to go further.

Objectives :

  • Determine the areas of improvement within your structure
  • Set up an efficient and adapted action plan
  • Optimize all the capacities of your organization

Here are some examples of development areas :

  • New management methods
  • Developing autonomy, trust and transparency
  • Collaborative work
  • Empowering employees…

Contact our experts to find with them the right areas of development within your structure.

Our experts proposed you master classes to address specific topics.

Our master classes can be done remotely and last on average of 1h30.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your projects and your expectations in order to determine together which topics will be the most relevant for you.

Here are some ideas of possible master classes and their contents :

❖ How to support your teams without forgetting yourself?

  • Understanding the different crisis or complex situations
  • Adapting your management in uncertainty
  • Supporting the emotions of your team : tools and methods
  • Being a manager : thinking about yourself in order to be attentive to your team

❖ Remotivate your teams in crisis situations

  • Decrypt the situation of his team
  • Decrypt the impact and repercussions of a difficult situation on the team, the employees and their interactions
  • Identify the “weak signals” to anticipate difficult situations

❖ React as a leader in a crisis situation

  • Adopt the right management style and adopt the right posture to maintain the motivation and cohesion of the team
  • Involve your team in the search for solutions
  • Take a step back to maintain ability to use judgment and make decisions

❖ Defuse tensions and manage uncertainties

  • Decrypt the reactions of his employees to better support them
  • Adapt his communication to the profile of each employee
  • Acquire the tools to defuse tensions and conflicts with the team

❖ Manage the “post-crisis” phase

  • Capitalize on the crisis and learn from it

❖ Managing teams in the COVID 19 context

  • Emotional and psychic state of affairs
  • The role of the manager in the perception of sensitive human situations
  • How to be attentive to the weak signals sent back by our employees and teams?
  • The principles of good managerial practice for managing our teams in a crisis context

Our experts are available to respond to your requests and determine together the subjects adapted to your structure and your ambitions.

Despite its many advantages, teleworking can sometimes lead to difficulties : less communication, difficult hierarchical links, feelings of isolation, disengagement…

Our experts have designed guides to make it pleasant and optimal. These guides include practical sheets as well as explanatory videos to go deeper into the subject.

Objectives :

  • Facilitate communication between your remote employees
  • Have telework codes to make it efficient
  • Adapt to a new way of working

A few examples of proposed topics :

  • Having a rhythm when teleworking
  • Organizing telework
  • Motivating yourself while teleworking
  • Getting organized, concentrating
  • Communicating well at a distance
  • The principle of disconnection

To be appreciated, telework needs to be well practiced. In addition to these guides, it may be interesting to set up a telework charter.

Do not hesitate to tell us more about your difficulties to develop with our experts an adapted solution.

Workshops allow employees from different professions to work on a common theme. Cross-functional work is very much appreciated because it allows employees to get out of their daily lives and to put forward skills other than those related to their job.

Your employees know the best solutions to improve their daily lives. The proposed actions are the result of a common reflection, so it is teamwork that is put forward.

Our role is to challenge the participants so that they are the most accurate on the action plan.
It is the employees in the field who are in the best position to find the keys to improve their quality of life at work.

Do not hesitate to contact us to set up co-construction workshops within your structure.

Training is a good opportunity to develop a new perspective on the company’s activity.

Behind the word training we offer you :

  • Face-to-face training
  • Distance learning courses
  • Coaching
  • Co-development

And all the forms of reinforcement of competences, of transformation, of the practices, of continuous improvement that we could implement.

Our training offer is adapted to the project, the participants and the objectives.

To discover all our trainings, we suggest you consult our training program catalog available here.

To set up a training plan within your organization, contact our experts.

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